Foreign Exchange Investing

Forex brokers

Currency Brokers online gives you the opportunity to profit from fluctuations in exchange rates. We have made a list of the best services for online foreign exchange trading, and some tips on what you should look for in a forex broker.

Forex brokers

Locate a good and cheap currency broker. Here are some tips on what to look for, as well as some specific recommendations.

There is much to consider before picking a forex broker.

We trade online using easyMarkets, which is probably one of the best brokers online. There could be even better ones, but this one is perfect for anyone interested in trading forex and commodities.

The above broker is reasonable to use (without brokerage commissions and fees, and low spreads between the bid price and the ask price), and it offers one of the best trading platforms we have ever seen. For more information about these mediate clean below or you can follow the links above to read more on the website and open a trading account or demo account.

The main thing to look at when choosing an online broker for currency trading are:

  • Price
  • Trade Solution
  • Seriousness

Price. The cost of trading currency varies greatly! Many online brokers operate with hidden fees and high commissions. Ensure high spreads between the bid price and the ask price.

Commerce solutions. When it comes to actual trading solution is a lot that needs to be taken into account. For example, if it is stable, fast and easy to use? What features are there? Encryption and security is also important, not all online brokers are equally safe solutions.

Seriousness. Good customer service says a lot about the company in full. Taking the their customers seriously, or they care most about its own interests? The best companies understand that success recipe is teaming with customers. Public Licenses are also important: Is the company registered and regulated by a financial authority?

The best is to use an online broker that specializes in currency trading (forex trading). Below we have discussed the best and most popular options.


easyMarkets is a complete trading machine where you can engage with foreign exchange trading, and provide local and foreign equities, commodities, indices, CFD (contracts for difference) and ETF (exchange traded funds). Serious online broker, headquartered in London.

advantage easyMarkets are all trade possibilities, while being inexpensive to use. No commissions, no fees and low spreads between bid and ask prices make this an exceptionally affordable online broker.

Gearing. Here is the opportunity for margin trading leverage up to 1:50. This gives you such as a purchasing power of 10,000 million even with a low investment of 200 million! Read our article on leverage and margin trading (link to this column at the top right) for more information on what it means to trade on margin.

Shorting. With easyMarkets you can serve yourself from falling markets. What we call to enter into short positions. You can for example make money when a stock goes down in value, if oil prices fall.

Investing. easyMarkets provides including the ability to invest and trade in shares without charge. It is possible to operate with korsiktig trade and daytrading as well as long-term investment and savings.

easyMarkets is a good trading platform in all areas. Minimum deposit is NOK 1.000, and once you have opened a trading account gives you access to all the advanced technical analysis tools that easyMarkets has, as well as free live streams (!) With quotations.

If you just want to try easyMarkets no hidden fees, this is also a possibility. They have a free demo trading platform indefinitely.

Users can opt in for their free demo forex trading accounts by following the instructions given on this page. This is a no-risk option for traders that want to see how all of this works, and people who are not comfortable trading with real money yet.


strength of the easyMarkets trading is the solution. This is a simple and user-friendly platform for trading in currency and commodity papers. Completely browser based which means you can shop directly through your web browser, whether it's the latest version of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Opera.

easyMarkets has good trading solutions on mobile. Thus, you can shop even when the computer is not available.

Gebyrfri trading and low spreads and very low minimum deposit requirements. $ 25 is sufficient to open a merchant account.

Try easyMarkets for free here

easyMarkets is also excellent on another site: They deliver daily morning reports and analyzes of the market value of very high quality. These get you as a customer for free, use the information here to make better trading decisions.

Which online broker is best?

It's a jungle of foreign exchange brokers online. If you choose one of the above companies have at least made a safe choice.

All services mentioned on this page is run by serious companies with the necessary licenses and registrations. We have selected the most popular and acclaimed services and concentrated on the networks mediate clean are the most competitive on price.

Another important criterion in selecting the best online broker for forex trading has been the solution. Power Brokering Rene mentioned here offer all solid and reliable solutions for Forex, all with unique features.

  • easyMarkets - great trading platform, trade for free using real-time quotes.

Other related options:

  • eToro - for social trading, the world's largest socaial investment network.
RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk! Both CFD-trading and option trading involves significant risk. Read carefully all terms and conditions for any service mentioned on our site before making any investments. CFDs are leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire deposit. CFD trading and option trading is not suitable for everyone. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved before making any trade.