Foreign Exchange Investing

Currency Brokers: Your door into foreign exchange trading

By far the most common way to trade in the foreign exchange market is via a specialized online broker, at least if you are a private person. Here is a list of some good online forex brokers.

Currency Brokers

Some online brokers specializing in foreign exchange trading. They offer like a less expensive solution than traditional trading online brokers. For example low cost trading opportunities for margin trading attracted many private traders.

Below are are the major online brokers with options trading. These are all three good online brokers yet there is a great difference between them:

Major brokers and trading websites

easyMarkets has some of the best business solutions on the market, and here it is arranged so that even the pros can get what they want. Forex trading with opportunities for trading in foreign exchange and commodity derivatives as well as popular. You can use the easyMarkets via software to mobile, via the browser on your computer / tablet, and all through a program you can download at easyMarkets (program called MetaTrader and is very widely used by professional traders). Opportunity for margin trading if desired, which increase the risk but also allows you to extreme increases in profits.

AvaTrade is in its own niche, and a power broker who stands out in many ways. Here you have the opportunity to foreign exchange trading, and also have the opportunity to stock trading, trading ETF / exchange-traded funds, and commodities via so-called CFDs. Shares can be traded without charges, making AvaTrade very interesting for equity traders as well. In this context it is also relevant to mention that they have free live streams with listings for all customers. Margin trading with high leverage up to 1:50. Try their demo trading platform for free if you want a "taster" before you begin.

Above-mentioned reservations agents are all licensed and regulated by financial authorities, and is considered completely safe to use.

Which online broker you choose depends on your needs. We prefer self easyMarkets as they are cheap to use, they have the necessary capabilities and a trading system that works extremely well for us.

Social trading and investment networks

eToro is a social investment network, and has many interesting features so that you can copy and Automatics follow other traders, for example, the trader who has achieved best results in the past few weeks. Very interesting concept, and they have won numerous financial awards for its innovative service. eToro has by World Finance Magazine named the most innovative trading platform. For those who lack the technical knowledge to conduct its own analysis of the currency market, eToro is a very good choice of online broker.

Important check before choosing your online broker

Firstly, check fees and costs. In our feeds mentalist world's natural to look for the cheapest of the cheap. We want the most for the least. The result? Poorer quality to consumers. 10 rotten burgers for the price of one, anyone?

price is obviously important, it must be competitive, not accepting to pay too much, but if you choose online broker based solely on price, you can quickly go into a trap. Do not see yourself blind at the price.

Many online brokers are totally free of charge and serve only money on the spread. Worth mentioning here is AvaTrade as well as the social investment network eToro - they are both good services, each with their very different qualities.

Second, check credibility. The easiest way to do that is to see if your broker is regulated by a public authority:

  • USA has two registers, the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

  • UK Financial Services Authority (FSA)

  • Cyprus Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Also some of the best online brokers have chosen a regulation under Cyprus due to favorable operating conditions.

  • Australia, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

  • Switzerland Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC)

  • Germany, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFIN)

  • France, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

Thirdly, check the trading platform they offer. Most offer a commercial solution via its own platform. Some also offer in addition that one can trade via MetaTrader, which is a professional trading program (ie. as offered by easyMarkets). A good number of online brokers allow you to open a demo account where you can try trading platform, this is a risk free offer you should take advantage of. Check course if they are regulated and registered in any public records before giving up your personal information.

Which online brokers are the best?

There are hundred of services that offer foreign exchange trading, but only a handful of online brokers are really good - see our recommendations below.

For trading currencies we would recommend easyMarkets - one of the oldest and most respected business solutions for foreign exchange and commodity trading. A sure winner for both advanced as well as for beginners.

If you want to trade using a social investment network, no service is better than eToro - the world's largest investment network (2.5 million active traders) that you can follow and copy. Their commerce solutions have won multiple awards, and for good reason. This service can best be described as a financial masterpiece and gives even beginning traders the ability to trade by experts page. Try their free practice account.

The best overall broker has got to be AvaTrade - trade stocks, commodities, forex, currencies, and almost on anything you might think of. Their minimalist trading platform (all unnecessary features are removed) is great. If you are looking for a pure trading experience without the interference of the less significant peripheral market data, then it may be time well spent exploring their commerce solution closer - they also have a free demo.

AvaTrade: Userfriendly and cheap trading

With AvaTrade you can use tools for technical analysis, completely free analytics for all customers. They have free real-time quotes, free demo account and relatively high gearing (1:50). AvaTrade is known for its minimalist trading platform with lightning fast response times when you shop, and they are cheap to use (no brokerage, fixed spreads). Here also offers ambulatory service reps to talk to at any time.

Deals at AvaTrade is very competitive. For defined contribution follows a plan, and to those who wish to make deposits with the same it is a chance to get 150 million in real money just by signing up.

AvaTrade is easy to like and easy to use. A minimalist style makes it easier to focus on what is relevant to conduct a good and profitable trade. If you click "buy" or "sell" the response time is lightning fast. Low spreads (eg 2 pips for EUR / USD). Online WebTrader makes it easy to shop directly through the browser.

As mentioned, AvaTrade new customers 150 million, and this is real money! This is not much in the currency standard, but it provides at least an opportunity to try the platform with real money, and it totally risk free.

AvaTrade is authorized and regulated by the FSA which is FSA in the UK. They have low spreads and no fees on either the buying or selling of currencies.

Recommended for beginners as well as advanced traders.

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easyMarkets - powerful forex platform

Whether you like it simple or high-tech, so you have it with easyMarkets. Here you can have it both ways: Use the simple trading platform directly through their browser, or download and install their trading software free - here's the same principle as professional forex traders.

easyMarkets can be used by all types of traders, whether you're a beginner or super-professional. Besides, they also offer forex buying and selling commodity CFD, an interesting market where eg. want to speculate in gold and oil prices.

Public regulation by CySEC. Deposits and withdrawals go smoothly, but remember that the required documentation proving that you are who you pose to be (this is evidence they are required to ask since they are regulated by the CySEC). The documentation you photographed or scan and send by email (or hard copy sent by mail).

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eToro - best social trading platform

If you've never tried foreign exchange trading, and wondering how this works in practice, eTror a safe choice.

eToro's online forex trading solution, Open Book, is perhaps one of the greatest innovations in the last decade in Forex and is perfect for beginners who enters the foreign exchange market. Instead of using traditional methods to introduce foreign exchange trading, is the quite different ways.

A free demo of eToro OpenBook is available. A popular feature of OpenBook is that you can follow (or copy) the best traders on eToro (those who do it best and most profitable at any time). Instead of that we will explain you everything about how this service works, it's probably just as well that you look and try it yourself.

eToro its brokerage services are provided by RetailFX Ltd and is regulated by public Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission.

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RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk! Both CFD-trading and option trading involves significant risk. Read carefully all terms and conditions for any service mentioned on our site before making any investments. CFDs are leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire deposit. CFD trading and option trading is not suitable for everyone. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved before making any trade.