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How to earn money trading online

It is easier to make money online than what many think. Here are tips for people who want to work from home and are willing to spend some of their own money to generate more money.

Earn money trading online

There's lots of advice on how to make money online. While there is much fraud and scams online. We have compiled the most legitimate and realistic methods that can give you online income.

Trading, currencies and online trading

Most people know that there is money in trading. That's also common knowledge that trading involves a certain degree of risk.

Trading is not only rich people. Anyone can start trading stocks, currencies, commodities and other online and it's not hard. The big challenge is to make this over time.

CFD trading

When it comes to stock trading, it is particularly interesting to share CFD, as it is easy to begin with. All you need is to sign up with an online CFD broker, for example AvaTrade is a popular and good online broker. You can speculate in currency, equity and commodity CFDs CFDs. With CFD trading you can earn whatever direction the market moves. Besides, you can gear your investment so that you increase your ROI.

Social trading

Social trading is new and exciting. This may be a gold mine of the rare. All you need to do is become a member of a social trading network. eToro is the largest, with over 2 million investors and we would recommend that you start there.

you do in social trading is to find traders who are already getting a good return on their investment. Once you've found some traders to follow and you can choose to copy them. A sum of your choice will then copy all the actions of the selected trader, and if the trader you choose make money, you will make money. All this you can do by eToro.

Our strategy for making money with eToro is to spend a few minutes every Monday to get an overview of the traders who have earned more than 450% over the past 2 baths moon. Then we copy these traders for 1 week before so stop copying. Then, the same procedure again next Monday. Works well in our case, but there are of course risks associated with this as everything else, and not even the best traders are guaranteed gain. Nevertheless, in other words, this is something that has worked for us.

Forex and currency trading

Here we have written a guide about currency trading.

Earning hundred thousand a month from blogging

Blogging is perhaps a little diversions, as we write about income opportunities online that are relevant to those interested in trading. We still allows us to take blogging to the list. Especially considering what some very young people around the world earn on their blogs. It is quite large sums of money are involved, and it's something as simple as blogging.

How can young girls and boys down to the age of 10 years earn more than both parents combined on a blog? They earn a lot of money, some over 100,000 dollars per month! One hundred thousand dollars! Per month! Some bloggers also earns hundred thousand on a good month.

They can earn as much money blogging, you might as well do it?

Well, the "problem" with blogging is that it is expected that you make everything in your life public. For many, this is perfectly fine and natural, as long as you have thick skin and do not mind being a public figure where everyone knows your everyday routines.

The alternative is to start a blog where the focus is not primarily on you as a person, but something of interest to you. You need not disclose yourself in the same way as "pink bloggers" and can still earn good money.

Everything you need to start a good and income generating blog is:

  • a domain
  • a web host (the server where the blog posted)
  • a blog skritp
  • something to write about

Domain and hosting you get many places, but Bluehost is very good. Here also offers a blog script that it's easy to get started with (almost as easy to use as example. Sending an e-mail).

This is the cheapest and best service for you to have your own blog. Where to buy your web space (which is required to have a blog on your own domain), and then get free domain with the purchase. What you also get is a ready-made solution that you can use to create your blog, a few keystrokes and you are ready to start blogging.

Selling stuff on eBay

eBay is definitely related to trading, so this must be included in our article about making money online.

It is probably just a convenient way to make money on eBay. Those who have searched for ways to make money on the web, you do not have avoided reading about drop shipping .

We know a guy who earns around 600,000 per month on dropshipping via eBay (a colleague in Canada). It requires hard work and it may take 3 months or more to build a profitable business. The advantage is that you can drive with this over, it does not matter if you live in America or in Svalbard.

So how does this work? Suppose you have a supplier with a large inventory of products. Contractor need someone who can sell these products on the market. Many vendors have found that dropshipping is a great way to sell their wares.

to start with dropshipping, you must first contact a supplier who has prepared for dropshipping. It works as allowing you to sell the supplier's products.

receive product pictures and product info from the supplier, adding this on eBay (or your own online store if you have one). Then someone comes to buy the product from you and pay for this course. However, the actual item is the supplier who has. Therefore, forward the order to the supplier, who in turn sends it directly to the buyer. To avoid everything packing and sending it to do, and if buying the unlikely want to return the item (some customers doing the it), then shipped directly to the provider and the minimal work for you.

If you want to learn more about dropshipping and selling items on eBay, Salehoo a perfect side. Here you will find suppliers who send goods worldwide, and steps on how to succeed with dropshipping in practice.


There are many ways to earn make money on the Internet, but much of what is proposed is fraud. Mentioned above possibilities, however legitimate and can provide you with an additional source of income.

Many dream of getting better economy, being own boss and start working from home. What we have proposed here can be the springboard to a new career. Moreover, it is also possible to get rich online on what we have mentioned here.

few methods above is largely based on luck (such as gambling), but otherwise it's probably best knowledge and dedicated work.

Our conclusion is that those who really want to succeed in making money online, you have many opportunities to do just that.

Where do you start to make money online?

If you want to make money by investing / trade with your own money, you should start by first finding a find a usable online broker.

RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk! Both CFD-trading and option trading involves significant risk. Read carefully all terms and conditions for any service mentioned on our site before making any investments. CFDs are leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire deposit. CFD trading and option trading is not suitable for everyone. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved before making any trade.