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Copy traders that are already profitable

eToro Copy Trader is by far the best investment platform on the internet. You can here automatically copy the best traders who achieve fennomenal returns in currency markets.

Copy trader

Try eToro CopyTrader here and get a chance to see, follow and automatically copy fellow traders. With well over 2 million users, you're bound to find some profitable traders, and theoretically they can make money for you without you lifting a finger.

eToro Copy Trader is a superb application that allows you to copy the best traders in the eToro investment network. eToro has over 2 million users, making it the largest investment network in the world.

Try eToro Copy Trader here

All actions of another trader may be reproduced, in a fast and easy way. If you wish to cancel a trade or take over the portfolio to another trader, you can do this at any time.

eToro gives you more opportunities to make money in the financial markets than any other online broker.

How Copy Trader works

To begin with Copy Trading is the only thing you need a free account with eToro (the only cost is your valuable time). From there, you can search for the traders who have achieved the best return within a period you define yourself.

When you see a trader that you like, you can simply choose how much of your own money with eToro to use this trader. So you're going, and when the selected trader makes money, then you earn money.

What options are Copy Trader?

There are no good alternatives to Copy Trader. We considered many different trading platforms, but few are as easy to use as eToro.

We particularly like the fact that everything is so intuitive, you can simply log onto the platform and you will see what can be done. There are not too many complicated features here that disrupt the trading, for us, this has been a great advantage. The platform is also fast and reliable, and as traders we must say that it is probably the most important of all.

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