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Trade currencies using your mobile phone

Did you know that you can both earn money and become rich through your cell phone? Try trading on your mobile and see how easy and effective it is.

Mobile currency trading

Trading via mobile phone is easy via eToro that has a program you can use to trade via mobile. Note that although the program is free, then you have to first register with eToro. Insert an optional amount of your trader account with eToro, or try their free demo version.

Today, there are applications that make it easy to trade via mobile or tablet, which via a PC or Mac.

We recommend that you use the trading platform and trading portal eToro when to trade via mobile.

All you need to trade currencies and commodities, is a regular cell phone. With this you can download an application for mobile trading. For that trading via mobile to work you must of course also be connected to the Internet via mobile phone, which most phones today.

Best mobile trader: eToro

eToro Mobile Trader makes it incredibly easy for traders to connect to eToro Open Book investment network. This network can trade currencies through an opened and system. See, follow and copy the actions of other traders in real time.

Via eToro Mobile Trader you can also connect to eToro Copy Trader via your smartphone or tablet.

You get access to real-time quotes from the currency market, current ratings from investment network access to your portfolio and you can also watch and learn from others' portfolios. Also, you now have the ability to copy the best traders from wherever you are in the world.

Get the world's largest investment network in your pocket:

Subscribe to eToro so you can download the eToro Mobile Trader free.

main objective of eToro Mobile Trader is primarily to provide access to the eToro trading network wherever you are. Whether you are at the cabin, in the mountains, on the beach, in bed, in the boat, in the garden, at work, on vacation - or anywhere on the move. Make your own analyzes, or watch and copy what your selected traders is - they earn money as you earn money!

Copy fellow traders in the market

Mobile trader the eToro gives you the option to change and modify your trader-based portfolio via mobile. If you see a trader that you want to add your trader's portfolio, you can immediately do so.

Choose traders with real-time information or rankings - and all you need to do to find out more about a trader is pressing the trader's username. Click on the "Copy" if you like portfolio and the return trader has had so far.

Remember to enter how much money (percentage of your deposit account with eToro) to allocate to copy a particular trader. Your account will be immediately updated with the new portfolio.

How to start trading via mobile phone?

Are you a customer of eToro?

  • If you are already a customer of eToro you can log in to eToro now to download the mobile trader free.
  • If you are not a customer, go to etoro and set up a free customer account, and after registration you can put money into your trading account and free download mobile trader. for
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