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Social trading guide

Social trading is the newest and most exciting way to operate in the financial markets.

Social trading guide

Social trading is the new way to invest and trade in the financial markets. The largest and most popular actor is eToro, which currently has 2.5 million active traders.

Social trading involves connecting traders from all over the world together into one large network. In this network, traders can profit from each other's knowledge and experience, so you can trade smarter together.

Collective knowledge one gets through social trading can mean that you achieve a great return.

Example of social trading services:

eToro, by far the largest one with 2.5 million traders!

What Is Social Trading?

Social trading is defined by Wikipedia (in a slightly weird way) as a process where investors make trading decisions based on the combined financial information is available via a variety of online applications.

Social Financial Analysis

Social trading can analyze financial data in an entirely new way:

  • Until recently, there have been fundamental data and technical analysis that has been the basic tools to make investment decisions.
  • New social indicators provides investors with real-time information through an open system that shows all transactions for traders in investment network.
  • Social
  • financial analysis is the new way to analyze financial information, and has proven to be a very effective tool in line with fundamental and technical analysis.

Social trading is the new way to shop

Investors can no longer depend only on fundamental and technical analysis. Ignoring one social aspect of trading, so ignores some of the most important data on market:

psychology driving the market, and the social financial analysis comes closer to the psychological conditions than any other form of financial analysis.

Social trading is the natural evolution of financial trading, history can be summed like this:

  1. Before the internet, the financial trading characterized the relationship between customers and brokers, which was centered around physical locations as stock exchanges and financial trading markets.
  2. internet electronic trading was the new form of financial trading.
  3. revival of web 2.0 and sisiale networks, with Facebook and Twitter as leading players, led to a new way of sharing information. This also affected by each of the financial world.
  4. Financial traders perceived social networks as a new source of important information. A number of successful traders have used social networking as an important resource to collect financial, economic and technical information.
  5. Financial companies perceived this new trend, and developed social network aimed at traders and investors.
  6. Investment Network was formed on the basis of social networks as a model.

Our prediction is that analysis of social trading is going to be an equally important tool for traders as fundamental and technical analysis is today.

Investment Network

There are only a limited number of investment networks. This is primarily because it is a network that overshadows all others.

Just as there are many social networks, there are many investment network online. But there is only one network that dominates.

  • Largest social network in the world is Facebook. It is indeed not possible to conduct trading or practical to collect information relevant for financial markets.
  • Largest investment network, eToro . Here you have the opportunity to see what the 2.5 million traders trades, and you can follow and copy the best traders.

Social trading with eToro

following are examples of return you could get by following and copying traders in eToro's investment network.

As you can see, you could achieved a return of 457.6% by copying his trades. All you'd have to do would be to click on "Copy trader" 12 months before this screen shot was taken, and you could have made a fortune. As you can see from the screen has trader "asibrahimet" 20 followers (Copiers), and all who have followed him the last 12 months would have been a fantastic return.

How to earn 274% in 3 months?

Here is another trader from eToro. Did you copied Chapdo would you doubled your money and then some during the last three months. Off screen, we see that he has 19 traders who copy him, and 73 users watching his trades.

Many have probably been a little richer by following this trader also, but he is only one of very many successful traders in the eToro network that you can copy.

Try social trading right now

Social trading is not only one of the easiest ways to drive trading, but also one of the most effective. It has direct access to the psychology of the market and you are almost all triggers that are crucial for the performance.

It is very easy to start with social trading. Our advice is to start with eToro, which is the largest and definitely the best investment network.

At eToro there are 2.5 million traders and hundreds of traders achieve spectacularly returns every month. To monetize social trading you do not do anything but copy a good trader in the network - it's that simple fact.

Click here to try social trading via eToro

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